Are propane furnaces more efficient than oil or electric furnaces?

Yes. Most high efficient natural gas furnaces are 25% more efficient than efficient oil furnaces.

Are propane furnaces safe?

Very safe.  By design, newer high efficiency gas furnaces have many more safety features than oil furnaces.  Use fully licensed and insured contractors to properly install gas furnaces to ensure highest safety standards.

Can I save money by converting my home from oil to propane?

There are many variables that affect cost savings when comparing oil heating to gas heating.  However in many cases, annual fuel cost savings of 40 – 60% or more can be achieved.

If my furnace is not working, are there things I can quickly check for before calling a service person?

Yes there are a few things you can check easily. 1) Is your thermostat  in the “on” position? 2) Is the furnace switched on? 3) Check if you have tripped a breaker and reset it 4) Have you run out of oil or gas? Last step – Call Woodlawn Home Comfort’s emergency number 613-832-1322.

My oil company condemned my oil furnace. How quickly can I convert to propane?

Your oil furnace can be replaced immediately with a propane furnace.  While the process of having propane tanks installed at your house can take a few weeks, it is possible to quickly, easily, and inexpensively set up your furnace as a propane burning appliance.  This way, propane can be delivered very quickly to your residence and can be used by your new furnace to heat your home.

Will a modern propane fireplace add value to my home?

Latest trends in renovations show many homeowners adding high efficiency gas fireplaces for comfort and style with the added benefit of increasing the overall value of their homes.


Are new air conditioners quiet?

Yes, the newer air conditioning models are much quieter . Today’s units use more quiet and efficient compressors with built-in sound blankets.  Combined with a super quiet and efficient DC powered fan motor in your furnace, the air conditioning process today is far less noisy.

I have a cottage with no ductwork, how can I keep it cool in the height of summer?

Yes there are great ductless models available that can provide both heating and cooling options.

I have an electric baseboard heating system in my home so there is no ductwork. Could I get air conditioning?

Yes.  Ductless systems were specifically designed with houses like yours in mind.  Air conditioners with multiple cooling components can be installed on the walls in individual rooms.  Ductless systems are also available in heat pump models so that can be used for heating as well as air conditioning

My air conditioner is old but still works. Should I change it?

If your air conditioner is keeping you comfortable in your home, then it is doing its job.  One potential drawback is higher electricity consumption with older air conditioning models.

My air conditioner runs but does not cool my house? Can it be topped up with freon?

It’s important to have a proper diagnosis of the problem before any refrigerant is added. Other problems such as a dirty air filter or a leak could be occurring which could cause the symptom of low refrigerant. If costs to repair are unreasonable, upgrade to a cooling system with environmentally friendly refrigerant.